Liam Sharp


A little about myself.

I am a people photographer, working in healthcare, corporate, and education.

 These are my loves in life.

My wife, family, travel, theatre, and art, and creating pictures.

Hoping that I can look back and feel that I made a difference for the greater good.


 These are the things I believe in that makes me the photographer I am.

It comes down to humanity, being able to connect and capture the humanity in the person that I am photographing.

Lighting is everything,  it is the magic that I bring to my photography that sets me apart.

Our images have to tell the story, whether it is  a clients story, or a writers story, that is who we serve.






Dalia Nassimi, Photo Editor Wired UK

" Stunning, stunning work! "

Patricia Mewdell, Senior Specialist, Marketing, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto

"The feedback on the imagery is awesome (many have said, the best they have ever seen)"

Fay Miller Marketing Director, International, Exchange Lab, London UK

"I was so impressed with what you guys achieved . Loved our team work vibe and making it fun for the teams too". 

Janet Gunn, Director, Communications, St. Joseph's Health, Toronto

"Liam is really like magic and the final product is outstanding and always makes me feel proud of the work we do".